Constant changing?

There are times people need to change. Change might be one of the essential part of our life, this is our weapon in facing different challenges in our life.
Within this process, there are people who help us change or actually they are the one who make us change the way we speak, walk, and love.

Sharing this changing process is a way I want you to listen to what happened.
I myself is not like this but of course this special person who, well I guess I can't remove in my life no matter how she was hard on me I didn't care to the point it made me realized that it's time to change, it was enough for now and it's time to focus in more important things in my life, well actually this ideal is one of several things I've learned with her. There are things that are essential that something personal. So no matter what I do to removed her in me, looking for someone else, it doesn't help, she already left a great mark which impacted me a lot.

Thanks Bear!