A Business Challenge

Too much punishment for being irresponsible. It wasn't my intention to think that what is happening is a punishment for what I have done.
Forgiveness is what I beg to my friends for the loss that we encountered. I really hope we can surpass this, I am very sorry for those I made accusations, I can't help it, But don't worry I won't pinpoint any of you because in my point this was all our fault.
I hope we face this together and no one from us will take all the blame.
Forgive me for being irresponsible and not checking the content of my keeping,
I hope we can survive this challenge.

My heart keep pounding earlier because of this bad news, let's do our best to find what we are missing,
hope this is just a challenge for our unity.
I don't want to lose a damn percentage of my trust I gave for each one of us, because the wrong move I do, at least I inform a part our team though it is just only one person, well at least he knew it.

Now the hard part challenge us, This is very though i hope we can survive.

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