A Business Challenge

Too much punishment for being irresponsible. It wasn't my intention to think that what is happening is a punishment for what I have done.
Forgiveness is what I beg to my friends for the loss that we encountered. I really hope we can surpass this, I am very sorry for those I made accusations, I can't help it, But don't worry I won't pinpoint any of you because in my point this was all our fault.
I hope we face this together and no one from us will take all the blame.
Forgive me for being irresponsible and not checking the content of my keeping,
I hope we can survive this challenge.

My heart keep pounding earlier because of this bad news, let's do our best to find what we are missing,
hope this is just a challenge for our unity.
I don't want to lose a damn percentage of my trust I gave for each one of us, because the wrong move I do, at least I inform a part our team though it is just only one person, well at least he knew it.

Now the hard part challenge us, This is very though i hope we can survive.

A Beautiful baBY

My day wouldn't be complete without seeing your face,
but when you're there, I don't know what should i say.
I have something to share but it won't come out to my mouth,
maybe i'm just a little bit scared.
no isn't that just a little,
it is as tiny as a beetle.
I wish I had the courage and strength,
to tell you what i feel for you is real and not fake.
I don't want my past to eat me up again,
and loose my love again and again.
The failure i made build too much pain,
that can't be relieved by acetaminophen.
Wasting my time wondering inside my mind,
my cerebral cortex is too active all the time.
What is the use of my body that is too big,
when you're there I'm turning into a twig