Life when taking call

Well since I've started being a call center agent, I learned different terminologies that is associated with this kind of job. But the one that I loved most was the term AVAIL and the other one which is I hated was QUEUING.

Well, lucky for me that the shift I was able to choose was to be a closer. I am happy because I am being paid just by sitting in my station waiting for calls which has a minimum interval of 5 minutes up to more than an hour. Which means my average calls per day per 8 hours of shift is around 20 only. But apparently, unexpected thing happened and due to the transition from shift bid, many of my colleague missed their day and also because I am working with an ISP there are things that also meant to happen. If you add up low number of agent plus something happened to one of your network equals many people will call because they cannot get online, that means, my regular number of calls which is less than 20 went up to 50. WOW! This was very tiring and one of my Boss told me. "Congratulations! You're a certified CALL CENTER AGENT." come on calls I am ready to handle you more!

To my colleagues, next time be aware of your schedule.
To other agents, ROCK ON!

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